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Our history

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Our history

The Hotel San Pietro was founded in the 1970s, at the dawn of Romagna’s tourism industry when – in the midst of the economic boom – the residents of these lands realized that those pale-skinned, blond tourists weren’t just wayfarers passing through, but actual vacationers who, from far-off Germany, had heard about this strip of the Adriatic surrounded by pine trees, where the air was healthy and the people were naturally hospitable.

Here, in the place known today as the “Riviera dei Pini”, a young man with a sharp business acumen and ever-smiling face decided to build one of the first small, family-run guesthouses. His name was Mario Manuzzi, and he was my grandfather.

The forefather of a dynasty of hotel owners who, a short time later, would have built and run a dozen hotel structures between Gatteo Mare and Cesenatico, Mario saw, in that small building on Viale Italia, the ideal foundations on which to build a real hotel. And this he did.

After three years of management by his beloved daughter Cristina, the business passed into the hands of a keen, always well-mannered young man with a jovial nature: this was the start of the period of Tino Marigotti and his wife Cinzia. Thirty years of farsighted, enthusiastic management, during which the Hotel San Pietro, with the strength of its cordiality, was able to form a loyal client base which, today still, is the cornerstone of this activity.

Lastly, the most recent passing of the baton. Let me introduce myself: I am Laura Pugliese and I have been running this hotel with my husband Gianni and sons Leonardo and Pietro since 2016. I do it with the passion transmitted to me by my family, looking toward the future while keeping the past in mind, well aware of the weight of this legacy and hoping that, one day, I will be able to measure up to those who, with their example, taught me the art of hospitality.

Laura Pugliese